Monday, January 14, 2013

Date A Girl Who Reads

I recently came across this little gem on the internet. And I almost barfed. I'm not sure what my face looked like, but Eric looked at me weird. So who knows.

All I could think of for a whole minutes was NO FUCKING WAY. Then, I was all... Hell no. I KNOW exactly who wrote that! That DIRTY LITTLE THIEF. You see, I have a dirty secret... I think Robert Pattinson is the. worst. actor. EVER. It also doesn't help that I truly loath the twilight books. But that's a post for another day.
But I do know who wrote the original, and I posted it not to long ago.
Not everyone can relate to the original.
But I can. Hence the severity of my upset.
Not only is this crap all over pinterest,
but it's on goodreads. Which I TRUSTED.
It's also been re-bloged.
and tweeted.
and tumblr-ed.
and god knows what else...
Maybe in your sweet little girl dreams EDWARD might say something like this. or at least quote it. But pattinson. never. Perhaps I am wronging him a little. Perhaps he's actually really is a wonderful sweet human being. But I just can't believe it. At all.
Not even a little teeny tiny bit.
I know this is just the internet and you can't trust anything you read or see on it.
But for some reasons this really gets to me. Maybe it's the fact that twihards will believe ANYTHING this fucktard writes or says. or someone else says for him. It just riles me up and I want to bang each person who believes this face first into their keyboard.

Now that's the damn truth, Abe. I wish these little twihards would learn that. Alas, it seems the very nature of their personalities can not exist in the same universe where edward/pattinson isn't perfect.
At least I know I can always count on picard...

oh. shit.
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