Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kitchen and Hallway Before and Afters

If you've been reading this blog for a while you know that when Eric and I moved in a year ago this place was a mess. a HOT mess. It was out of date and BADLY painted.
We've been slowly working on it since. Because we plan on re doing the floors after we've painted everything we haven't painted the baseboards yet. Those will get done all at once, right before we do the floors. The quarter round has been torn off too. The original baseboards are GORGEOUS and more than cover the expansion gap.

Now we still have a lot to do in the kitchen.
Pot rack
New counter
Paint the cabinets

and I want to cover the fridge to make it look like stainless steel.
Plus paint the side with chalkboard paint. The side next to the stove will of course be ss for easier clean up.

Whoops. That should be "After" then "Before" Also, many of those wine bottles are destined to be outside tiki torches. whoo! Also the color is Benjamen Moore Margarita!

Add strip and repaint the grate to our list. That white blob in the left corner is my washer... On the right is our entryway door. -facepalm- Those are also stick down tiles. It took Eric most of the morning to complete. But only because our floor is so old and NOT straight.

I LOVE my paint color. It is Benjamen Moore Moonshine. <3 That linen closet is destined to be ripped out and replaced with louvered doors. Antique if I can find them. The three paneled window door is the door to the hallway stairs. We open them four Aedin to play with our neighbors.
Far from completed but Sooo much better than before. Its amazing what paints and elbow grease will do. I'm excited to see it finished but we will do that one paycheck at a time.

Whats your favorite paint color?!
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