Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labour day isn't about You, it's about US

Labor day was last weekend right? 
I'm thinking perhaps many of us forget what its about. 
It's not about going to the lake, or bbqing. 
Its about Labor. 

Its about WORKING and about those who WORKED hard to make out country into what it is. 
And do you know how we paid some of those people, and for some of the things we built. We paid them with Taxes people. Those roads you're complaining about, the absence of new books in libraries, the crime rates are going up... 
We've been cutting spending on things like government funding. So no new grants for those libraries. No new Public Service working being hired. And those roads... Forget about it. We have to Pay for what we want. We are so focused on the deficit we forget about what that money has bought us.

Stop treating our Cops and Teachers like Walmart employees.

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