Monday, July 22, 2013


I finally requested a weekend off. After two months of working every Saturday and Sunday, I'd had enough.
More than enough. So Eric and I made plans to go to a local state park, about an hour away. It was an absolutely perfect day. A nice brisk breeze, sunshine, a new clouds, low humidity. And we were together, doing something we BOTH love. And for once, I left my camera at home. it was....
Strangely liberating.
The stairs were hell, the scenery worth the climb. It's the tallest point around I think. No where near a mountain, but still spectacular. And it's very Touristy. LOTS of people. I would have struck out on our own, but it's actually illegal to stray off the path here. That and Poison Ivy is very very common. The farther you get from the lodge the quieter it gets though.
The birds.
The water.
The wind.


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