Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors.”
Thomas Jefferson

It was just a normal Tuesday morning. The sun, awakened and rose as it always does. I woke to Aedin climbing onto my chest and the sound of the coffee pot dripping.
But another sound intruded into our morning.
A gasp and a grunt as my husband tried to walk from the kitchen to the couch. An almost silent curse as he bent to feed Aedin and Cali. I listened as he made his third call to the VA clinic here in Joliet trying to be seen. I knew we'd be making the drive to Hines though. Just because the clinic here is new doesn't mean they have the man power to use it, or the money to hire the necessary nurses and staff. It was all to easy that day to be angry with his so called health care.
You see, Eric has chronic plantar fasciitis. He's had it so long, but every time it returns it gets worse. Motrin and ice don't always work. He feels terrible every time we go to Hines, he knows there are others who need the care more. I was irate. Not so much at the health care providers, though I ran into a few who were just jerks. But on behalf of those who are forced to go to Hines. For all of those who have No Other Option. For the state in which they are greeted. Our nations Hero's are left waiting in a dusty waiting room for HOURS, many of whom are in great pain. many where at Hines because the local Clinics have a waiting period of MONTHS, not days. My heart breaks every time we are there, it's Depressing.
Eric was given pain killers and a soft cast and told to make an appointment with his Primary Care Provider in a week. Which of course isn't possible. We did manage to get him an appointment with the podiatrist at Hines in September though, so then we can start a plan to end this. 
For now, he's going to go back to icing and stretching. and not JUST when it hurts, but all the time. He's also getting inserts for his shoes. The worst news he got though... he has to stop running on pavement. So it's to the gym for him.

Anyone have tips for someone to not die of boredom running on a treadmill?

Oh, and the best part of the trip. {{sarcasm}} Was that I got to drive home during Rush Hour.

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