Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Around this time of year I hear a LOT of crap about halloween. Usually I laugh. Mostly I facepalm. Like most old world holidays that have been over taken by Catholicism and Consumerism I find my joy in the little things. To most of you Halloween is just a day to dress up, get candy and decorate your house. Eric hates decorations but puts up with it for me. He does like the candy part. And that's totally fine. Our economy turns on money, they market costumes and candy and you all buy it up. I buy some of it too.
Ok, I'm getting off track here.
My point is we don't celebrate Halloween, even though we take part in some of the consumerism (because, DUH It's Fun!), We or I should say I celebrate Samhain. So let me educate you a little.

"Those gone before, you who wish me good, hear me; guide and guard me, and when the time comes, greet me. You are neither blind nor deaf to this life I live; you did yourself once share it. I come to you in love and trust. I seek to honor you.
Ancestors, you who came before us and were the roots of our line, we ask you to come again into our lives so that we may share in your wisdom and love.
Beloved friends who went before us, we ask you to come again into our lives so that we may once again laugh with you and stand strong together through turmoil.
Dearest children who have gone before us, we ask that when you are ready to be reborn you find happiness.
The wheel of the year turns, and as we pass through the darkness together, we ask that the memory of love stay strong and that we can treasure each time that we are together, whether in this life or another." Source

Samhain is the second oldest European holiday in the world. Which humans have been celebrating for over Six THOUSAND years.
Samhain was originally celebrated in the United Kingdom, ie. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is midway between solstices, so it is celebrated as the end of summer and the beginning of winter, the darker half of the year. This is when cattle and livestock were brought in from outer fields. The weakest were slaughtered for winter. This is the time that the Celts acknowledged the beginning and end of all things. The acknowledged that the veil between our world and the others were thinner. Our ancestors were closer to us then and could be called for advice, guidance and help. Or in the case of today, just remembered. Where do you think our Guardian angels came from?

It was also a time when the Old Ones were free to Roam. This is the origins of tricks and treats. Farmers would place carved turnips with candles in them to scare them. Offerings were left on doorsteps to placate the visiting spirits and fae. Hence Trick or Treat. Obviously a LOT has happened to the holiday between now and then. But rest assured Witches are NOT hiding razors in your kids freaking candy. And the next time someone calls you a bad mom for letting your kids partake in evil. You can tell them that the new Consumerist halloween isn't evil, and neither is its roots. It's just different.

So go forth! Spread fun and cheer. But remember, it's not just free candy day. It really is a religious Holiday. So don't be a jerk.

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